Joel is approachable, he’s not intimidating, and he speaks to me at my level.  Joel expects me to do my work but he doesn’t come down on my case if I don’t get everything done that he’s asked me to do.  I feel like Joel understands because he’s been in the same position.  He has been fair with costs – charging accurately for the time we spend with him and he works with our schedule so we’re able to go and see him.  Joel has offered very affirmative and encouraging feedback whenever we’ve met with him.

When we first started going to Joel, we were not in a very good place. Our 29-year marriage was joyless and sexless. We weren’t sure how to get unstuck and we weren’t sure if our marriage was going to survive. However, it didn’t take very long at all for things to turn around once we started receiving coaching from Joel. Within a short period of time, Joel identified some root issues and then we received some really helpful tools from him. When we implemented them, we were able to get to a much better place.
That was a whole year ago and our marriage is still doing great! We are both so thankful for Joel’s help – it truly made all the difference in the world!  We highly recommend any man or couple who needs help in this area to work with Joel.